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Support for Managers

"...many managers find mental health is the most challenging part of their relationship with employees"

Support for Employees

Fear of stigma and discrimination often leads employees to remain silent about problems related to their mental health.

Support for Teams

One of the challenges for teams is that the wellbeing of individuals will change from time to time, but team effectiveness can be enhanced by good communication whist respecting privacy and confidentiality. This has to be planned and managed.

Organisational Development

Business success follows when there is a commitment from senior managers to establishing dignity, equality and diversity at work.

What people think of Mental Health at Work

I had struggled for years with my bipolar disorder.  I never told work about it, because I was afraid they would get rid of me.  I can’t believe how supportive everyone has been since you got involved.


We were heading towards dismissal with this employee, but you helped us rethink the situation and together we identified changes we could make in the faculty.  Everyone is a winner.


Thank you so much for bringing a flexible approach to the problem.  I think your ability to apply a calm, rational approach meant we could all understand the benefit of implementing the programme and now – 6 months later – we have almost forgotten how bad things had been.


This was the best presentation on mental health at work that I have taken part in for over 10 years”

About Us

Why Mentalhealthatwork.co.uk?

We start with a simple realisation – many managers, HR professionals and Directors find it hard to resolve issues relating to mental health at work, yet we have significant experience in this area.  We know that it is individual relationships that make a difference.  We also know that no organisation can afford to throw money at problems hoping they will go away.  We are a small professional team; you have your own organisational infrastructure, so we don’t want you to pay for ours.  Instead, we provide access directly to the people who are going to help you create a difference.

We strongly support the notion, championed by Dame Carol Black in her report “Working for a healthier tomorrow”, that work is good for us – it is not only a source of income and activity, it is a key component in our social life and in our sense of place in the world.   At the same time, we realise that the challenges posed by mental ill-health in the workplace need a considered, professional approach that works best when it is collaborative and well-informed.

We bring a number of disciplines to bear on the problems – Management, Behavioural Psychology, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Coaching – supported by experts in their field.

This is not about psychiatry, because that is best provided by the NHS in the UK.  Instead it is about developing the workplace conditions for success, by ensuring that the appropriate resources are applied as efficiently and effectively as possible to diminish the obstacles to success.

This is not about soft, fluffy abstract concepts. It is about measurable outputs, agreed solutions, return on investment.

This is about people working well, managed well, in organisations that are performing well.

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